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Game Used Goalie Masks:

Player Team Used With Season Mask Maker Mask Information
Allen, Jake Montreal Juniors 2009-10 Bauer St. Louis Blues prospect. Used with the Montreal Juniors of the QMJHL
Bannerman, Murray Chicago Blackhawks 1980s Greg Harrison Photo Matched. One of the Greatest Masks in NHL History
Belanger, Yves Blues, Flames, Bruins 1974-80 Britt / Beaudin Worn with 3 teams from 1974-80. David Britt style mask.
Belfour, Ed Florida Panthers 2006-07 Warwick Alternate Blue Mask. Last NHL Season. Photo Matched
Bernier, Jonathan LA Kings 2010-11 Bauer Retro mask. Photo Matched.
Bouchard, Dan Atlanta Flames 1975-77 Dan Bouchard Photo Matched. Iconic Atlanta Flames Mask. Made by Bouchard himself.
Bouchard, Dan Atlanta Flames 1976-77 Dan Bouchard Photo Matched. Atlanta text down site
Boucher, Brian Philadelphia Flyers 2000-01 Itech Photo Matched
Brodeur, Martin New Jersey Devils 1992-93 Ed Cubberly First Professional Mask - Worn with Utica Devils
Canada - Team Team Canada 1977 Greg Harrison Proposed design for Team Canada 1977 - Wayne Thomas style
Crha, Jiri Toronto Maple Leafs 1980-81 Greg Harrison Great Leafs design vintage game used goalie mask
Clemmensen, Scott Florida Panthers 2010-11 Warwick Alternate Style. Photo Matched
Conklin, Ty St. Louis Blues 2010-11 Bauer Photo Matched. Blues Brothers Mask.
Dunham, Mike Nashville Predators 2001-02 Itech Worn with both Nashville Predators and Team USA
Ellis, Dan Nashville Predators 2007-08 Itech Photo Matched
Emery, Ray Ottawa Senators 2006-07 Itech Photo Matched. Mike Tyson Design
Essensa, Bob Winnipeg Jets 1992-93 Greg Harrison Last mask worn with Jets
Essensa, Bob Vancouver Canucks 2000-01 Itech Photo Matched
Favell, Doug Flyers, Leafs 1970's Ernie Higgins First ever painted mask in NHL history
Favell, Doug Toronto Maple Leafs 1970's Greg Harrison Photo Matched. Greg Harrison Full Leaf.
Fuhr, Grant St. Louis Blues 1996-97 Itech Photo Matched. Splattered in blood from a Mats Sundin Slapshot
Halak, Jaroslav St. Louis Blues 2010-11 Bauer Photo Matched. Tribute to Blues' goaltending greats.
Harding, Josh Minnesota Wild 2006-07 Itech Photo Matched. Fund the Fight Find a Cure Pink Mask
Hasek, Dominik Buffalo Sabres 1994-95 Cooper Photo Matched. Helmet Cage Combo
Hasek, Dominik Ottawa Senators 2005-06 Warwick Photo Matched. Worn in 300th NHL Win
Herron, Denis Penguins, Canadiens 1980-83 Greg Harrison Montreal Canadiens paint underneath Pittsburgh Penguins paint
Holtby, Braden Saskatoon Blades 2006-08 Itech Photo Matched
Hrudey, Kelly LA Kings 1995-96 Armadilla Photo Matched. Famous Hollywood design
Hrudey, Kelly San Jose Sharks 1996-97 Armadilla Photo Matched
Kidd, Trevor Calgary Flames 1996-97 Eddy Masks Photo Matched, Dragon Paint
Kiprusoff, Miikka Calgary Flames 2003-04 Itech Photo Matched, Stanley Cup Finals Mask
Kiprusoff, Miikka Calgary Flames 2009-10 Bauer Photo Matched. 30th Anniversary Special Mask
Kolzig, Olaf Tampa Bay Lightning 2008-09 Pro's Choice Photo Matched. Saw Movie Mask
Kolzig, Olaf Washington Capitals 2005-06 Pro's Choice Photo Matched
Leclaire, Pascal Columbus Blue Jackets 2005-06 Warwick Photo Matched
Lindback, Anders Nashville Predators 2010-11 Bauer Photo Matched. Rookie - Anders' first ever NHL mask
Lindback, Anders Nashville Predators 2011-12 Bauer Photo Matched. PredClassic design
Liv, Stefan Sweden 2005-06 Warwick Photo Matched. Gold medal at the 2006 IIHF Championships
Liv, Stefan Sweden 2005-06 Warwick Photo Matched. Worn during the 2006 Olympics.
Lundqvist, Henrik New York Rangers 2005-06 Itech Game Ready
Lundqvist, Henrik Frolunda Indians 2004-05 Pro Mask Practice Ued
Luongo, Roberto Vancouver Canucks 2008-11 Reebok Captain 'C' Mask, 40th Anniversary Mask
MacDonald, Joey Detroit Red Wings 2010-12 Bauer Tribute to Sawchuk, Vachon, Rutherford, Giacomin
Markkanen, Jussi Edmonton Oilers 2001-02 Wall Active Photo Matched
Mason, Chris Nashville Predators 2003-06 Itech Classic Nashville Preds paint job
Mason, Chris St. Louis Blues 2008-09 Sport Mask Photo Matched
Mason, Steve Columbus Blue Jackets 2010-11 Bauer Game Ready Abe Lincoln Design
McLennan, Jamie Minnesota Wild 2000-01 Itech Photo Matched. Inaugural Season. First Wild Game/Win
McLennan, Jamie New York Islanders 1995-96 Jennison Fisherman Logo Design
Meloche, Gilles Cleveland Barons 1970's Greg Harrison California Golden Seals / Cleveland Barons White
Michaud, Alfie Vancouver Canucks 1999-02 Pro's Choice Worn throughout minor league career
Miller, Ryan Buffalo Sabres 2005-06 Warwick Photo Matched
Osgood, Chris Detroit Red Wings 2005-06 Warwick Practice Used. Production Line Paint job.
Palmateer, Mike Washington Capitals 1980-82 Rob Harris Photo Matched.
Palmer, Porky Buffalo Bisons 1966 Lefty Wilson Great Example of a Classic Lefty Wilson mask.
Parent, Bernie Philadelphia Flyers 1969-71 Roy Weatherbee Commonly referred to as the 'Ghost' mask. A must see
Parent, Rich Pittsburgh Penguins 2000-01 Lefebvre Painted by Guy LaFrance
Potvin, Felix Toronto Maple Leafs 1996-97 Greg Harrison Photo Matched
Potvin, Felix New York Islanders 1999-2000 Greg Harrison Photo Matched
Potvin, Felix LA Kings 2001-02 Greg Harrison Photo Matched. 9/11 remembrance stickers.
Quick, Jonathan LA Kings 2009-10 Sport Mask Photo Matched. Rookie Season.
Rask, Tuukka Boston Bruins 2007-08 Pro's Choice Photo Matched. Rookie Season.
Rhodes, Damian Ottawa Senators 1998-99 Greg Harrison Photo Matched. Used to score first goal by a goalie in NHL history.
Rinne, Pekka Milwaukee Admirals 2007-08 Wall Active Used his final AHL season  before making it to the Preds
Rinne, Pekka Nashville Predators 2009-10 Bauer Photo Matched. Used with Team Finland as well.
Rinne, Pekka Nashville Predators 2011-12 Bauer Photo Matched. Pred Monster Mask.
Roloson, Dwayne Minnesota Wild 2005-06 Pro Masque Photo Matched. Used same year Roloson made it to Cup Finals.
Simmons, Gary California Golden Seals 1975-76 Greg Harrison Photo Matched. Famous "Cobra" mask
Smith, Gary Jets, North Stars 1977-78 Greg Harrison Many paint transformations: North Stars, Capitals, Axe, Jets designs
Staniowski, Ed STL Blues, Wpg Jets 1975-81 Greg Harrison His original blue note mask - used with Blues and Jets
Staniowski, Ed Winnipeg Jets, Whalers 1981-85 Greg Harrison Used with Winnipeg Jets, Hartford Whalers, Salt Lake Eagles
Stephenson, Wayne Washington Capitals 1979-81 Greg Harrison Famous star mask
Thomas, Tim Team USA 1999 Warwick Worn during 1999 IIHF World Championships
Toskala, Vesa Calgary Flames 2009-10 Bauer Photo Matched. Last NHL mask.
Turco, Marty Dallas Stars 1999-2001 Warwick Photo Matched. Rookie season.
Turek, Roman Calgary Flames 2001-02 Warwick Photo Matched. Iron Maiden Paint Scheme
Vachon, Rogatien Los Angeles Kings 1976-78 Higgins Photo Matched. Stanley Cup Finals
Vanbiesbrouck, John Florida Panthers 1993-94 Armadilla Photo Matched. Inaugural Season - First Mask of the Franchise
Vanbiesbrouck, John Florida Panthers 1994-95 Armadilla Used end of 1994-95 season and very beginning of  1995-96 Season.
Vanbiesbrouck, John Philadelphia Flyers 1998-99 Armadilla Photo Matched. Non sparkle design.
Vanbiesbrouck, John Philadelphia Flyers 1998-99 Armadilla Photo Matched. Sparkle design.
Vanbiesbrouck, John New York Rangers 1992-93 Armadilla Photo Matched. New York Skyline Bees over New York
Vanbiesbrouck, John New York Islanders 2000-01 Armadilla Game Ready
Vernon, Mike San Jose Sharks 1997-99 Eddy Masks Photo Matched.
Vokoun, Tomas Nashville Predators 2006-07 Itech Photo Matched. Last Predators mask used by Vokoun
Vokoun, Tomas Florida Panthers 2009-10 Bauer Photo Matched.
Vokoun, Tomas Washington Capitals 2011-12 Bauer Photo Matched. First Capitals mask.
Ward, Cam Carolina Hurricanes 2008-09 Sport Mask Photo Matched. Red Deer Jets Design.
Weekes, Kevin New York Rangers 2006-07 Warwick Photo Matched
Whidden, Bob Cleveland Crusaders 1972-73 Ernie Higgins WHA Mask