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Dan Bouchard Game Worn Mask - Atlanta Flames 1976-77
This Dan Bouchard game used goalie mask was worn during the 1970's with the Atlanta Flames. The mask was made by Dan Bouchard himself and is a piece of Atlana sports history. An interesting fact is that Dan painted a lot of his own masks by himself. "I started making my own masks when I was 18. After turning professional I briefly used one made by someone else. When it cracked during a game, I went back to making my own. I have a special recipe to give extra strength to the fiberglass. A bone doctor friend advises me on crucial places and I pad these. The young son of a neighbor acts as art critic. If we both like the design, I feel it's a good one." This particular mask was made by Mr. Bouchard and designed by himself and 13 year old Chris Mercier.