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Josh Harding Game Worn Mask - Minnesota Wild 2009-10
This Josh Harding mask was painted as an ode to the equipment truck that was transporting the Wild's equipment to Ottawa on December 18th, 2009.  The truck caught fire and the blaze ruined over $100,000 worth of Minnesota Wild equipment including all of Harding's gear and mask. Harding coordinated with artist Todd Miska to help come up with a design. There is an Ottawa fire truck on the side and the hose goes across the whole front of the mask to the firefighter on the opposite side. The Wild's charred equipment sits outside the equipment truck. On the back of the mask is the Ottawa Fire Department logo. When equipment manager Tony DaCosta was asked about the mask, he jokingly responded, "We almost died in that fire. Now it's pictures on guy's masks!" The mask itself has moderate use and has been matched to various photos during the season.