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Chris Osgood Game / Practice Worn Mask - Detroit Red Wings 2005-2006
This mask was worn during the 2005-2006 Season with the Detroit Red Wings. I was told by a training member that this mask was only worn for a couple of practices and an intersquad game. I have spoken to both the mask builder and the painter. One claims that Osgood did not wear this mask in games because of the fit of the mask. The other says that Osgood did not wear this mask in games because the paint job was too much for him.


About the paint job:
This mask was painted by Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt specifically for Chris Osgood. When Chris Osgood decided not to use this mask, Dave later painted a very similar style for Stefan Liv who is now in the Detroit Red Wings system. Dave's American representative Karl, who lives in Detroit, helped out with the creation of the design. Read Bottom of this Page for More Details on this Mask




Detroit Industry - Man and Machine Mural:



Production Line with Gordie Howe, Sid Abel and Ted Lindsay:



"The design is painted in classic colors, Detroit-red with contrast-rich white details. On one side, Dave created a motif painting in dreamy style, with Detroit's legendary scoring line known as the Production-line with the players Gordie Howe, Sid Abel and Ted Lindsay. The players whirl around, ready for new goals!

On the other side of the mask is another famous production line from Detroit, from the fantastic car industry of Detroit! David has painted a tribute painting to the Mexican artist Diego Rivera's fantastic mural Detroit Industry or Man and Machine that can be seen in Detroit and was painted 1932-1933.

All of this has been tied together with the help of Detroit's magic red tone, and the so beautiful logotype with the wing and the car wheel inspired by the city's car industry. Symbolism and all the elements have been tied together to a magic whole. A design that celebrates Detroit both as an industry town and hockeytown - there's a reason why Detroit is called the Hockeytown."