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Encil 'Porky' Palmer - Lefty Wilson Made Game Used Mask - Buffalo Bisons 1966

This mask is a beautiful example of a mid 60s Lefty Wilson mask. The real deal worn by AHL goalie Porky Palmer who was an Ice Bison for Buffalo in the sixties. Mask exhibits all the traits and details of a Wilson hand made mask from the era. Lefty was a trainer for the Detroit Red Wings who made masks for many pro goalies from the early to late 60s. Roy Edwards, Gilles Meloche, Caesar Maniago and Gary Smith are only a few of the notable NHLers who wore his masks. Triangular cut outs on the cheeks indicate the mid sixties as the later masks had the vertical slots in the same location. Some cloth tape on the top slots and plenty of game use patina. Original straps and finish. Lots of contours and details on this custom molded mask. Eyes were filed bigger as goalies from the era were new to masks and they were fanatical about unobstructed vision. Still a great example of lefty's work from the middle of his mask making era. One of the photos below shows a name written in pencil on the upper side of the mask. With magnifcation and lighting it appears to say "Porky". This was a practice with goalies in training camp as they wrote thier names on the masks back in the day.