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Gary Simmons Game Used Mask - Cleveland Barons / California Seals / LA Kings
This famous Gary Simmons game worn mask was worn and photo matched while we was a member of the Seals, Kings, and Barons. While with the Kings, Simmons had the mask painted purple, changed the white lining to yellow, and added a crown. Greg Harrison painted back over the changes before putting it in the Hall.












The Images Below Show Traces of the Purple and Yellow While the Mask was Worn with the Los Angeles Kings



Yellow RemnantsAlong the White Edge from Kings


Great Shot Showing Purple Specs and Yellow Specs when the Mask was Kings Colors


This White Border Was Painted Yellow When With LA. Some Specs Still Remain


Hard to see in photos, but there is a slight outline where the crown was. Also notice little specs of yellow.


Purple Blotches Inside


Notice the Yellow Remnants Around the Eyes


Purple Around the Inside Edge