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Gary Smith Game Used Mask - Minnesota North Stars, Washington Capitals, Indianapolis Racers, Winnipeg Jets
This splendid mask was donned by Gary “Suitcase” Smith late in his much-traveled pro career, one which saw the big goaltender toil for eight NHL teams, six in the minors and two in the WHA! Also known as “Axe” for the way he wielded his stick, Gary was with the Jets in the WHA’s last season and then saw action in 20 games during the team’s first NHL season in ’79-80. This cool Greg Harrison mask features “Jets” at the sides of the eyes and three planes overhead. Mask shows excellent game use with marks and chips in the paint and wear along the bottom edge beneath the chin area. A little yellow paint can be spotted beneath the blue and the interior of the back plate (underneath the foam padding.) was once painted green, revealing Smith’s previous time with the North Stars. Original straps are still present and the number “30” in red decals appears on the back plate of this terrific piece of Winnipeg Jets history.


This mask was worn with multiple teams and repainted a multitude of times. Letter from Greg Harrison reads, "This mask originally was a Minnesota North Stars mask that also had a throat protector on its original state. When he went to Washington, the colours were kept the same as the original idea of the design which is based on the U.S. Thunderbird aerobatic team's jets paint configuration. It also had the medieval war axe design worn in Washington and Indianapolis Racers prior to it becoming the Winnipeg Jets design. This was the simplest design done on the mask because it was painted at the rink in a rush just to get by at the time. The medieval war axe design was the most interesting version but unfortunately looked like a bat from a distance."