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Ed Staniowski Game Used Mask - St. Louis Blues, Winnipeg Jets 1975-82
Yet another mask with quite an amazing history behind it. In the mid 70's, Mr. Staniowski sported this mask with a plain white paint job with the St. Louis Blues. It was later repainted by Greg Harrison to the Blues Note design in the late 70's. During the summer of 1981, Ed was traded to the Winnipeg Jets. At that time, this same mask was repainted Dark Blue, White, and a red diagonal stripe. This mask was worn for approximately 7 to 8 years of Ed's NHL career.


Mr. Staniowski sent this mask to Greg Harrison during the 1980's. Greg repainted the mask back to the Blues Notes design because he felt that whoever painted the Winnipeg Jets design had ruined the look of the mask. However, evidence still remains of the Winnipeg design underneath. Red paint along the edging from the Winnipeg stripe is still visible. Also, remnants of the interior padding still remains.

The mask was sent to Mr. Staniowski to confirm all the details. Upon receiving the mask, he was able to tell immediately that this was his original mask worn for the length of his career. The dead giveaways to him were, "A significant dent from a a Dennis Hull slap shot above the right eye and a crack going through the air hole on the underside of the chin." Mr. Staniowski kindly provided a letter and took some photos with the mask.

Letter from Greg Harrison describing this story of this mask reads, "This mask was designed based on a similar idea used on the first Jim Rutherford painted design. I used the logo as a focal point around the eyes to form the artwork. The shape of the blues note worked perfect around the eyes then continued much like the wing design on Rutherfords'. The teardrop signified two things, crying the blues which is what the blues music is based on, and the hard road & sacrifices it takes to get to the NHL. The mask was painted red white and blue in Winnipeg and I restored the mask after that to its original state."















Red Paint from the Winnipeg Jets Red Stripe (Top)


Red Paint and Blue Paint along Edging from the Winnipeg Jets Red Stripe (Top)


Red Paint from the Winnipeg Jets Red Stripe (Bottom Opposite Side)




Residue from Padding