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Wayne Stephenson Game Used Mask - Washington Capitals
After stints with St. Louis and Philadelphia which saw him post a career high 40-win season with the Flyers in ’75-76, Wayne Stephenson finished out his 10-year NHL career with the Capitals in ’79-80 and ’80-81. Wayne’s terrific red, white and blue painted mask features a neat star design, including two small blue stars around the eyes. There’s also a seldom-seen moving fiberglass neck protector to mention and the original thin foam padding on the inside. The mask exhibits light game use with a few markings on the paint. This mask design was extremely popular among goalie mask fanatics. Stephenson, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 65 on June 22, 2010


Letter from Greg Harrison reads, "This mask continued the flyer design over the eyes but in the Washington format using the stars instead of the flyer logos. It was an angular design (Thomas style) with a throat protector which he used both in Philly and Washington. Originally when he was traded to Washington, the team just painted over Flyer shapes in red white and blue. Then I created the new design to go with Wash. He didn't wear this for long as he stayed with his repainted Philly one out of superstition as a lot of goalies will do."