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Kevin Weekes Game Worn Mask - New York Rangers 2006-07
This Kevin Weekes mask was worn during the end of the 2005-2006 season and during the 2006-2007 season. The mask exhibits moderate to heavy use and has paint chippings that are easily photo matched to various photos.


















David visited the USA in 2006 and met Kevin, and presented this design idea. Kevin really liked it! So David got to work and created some more sketches.

By twisting the panther so that he crawls back on the mask, the mask gets a different and innovative touch. The focus is on the panther that is painted in a more detailed style than the surrounding city environment that is more graphical. An effective stroke that puts the panther in focus.

The skyscrapers are painted with vertiginous lines, and seen from above an even more vertiginous feeling is accomplished. The whole design is painted in a saturated blue tone, but still with strong contrasts, which always is so important.

In the forehead the apple is placed, just like on Kevin's last mask. The apple of course comes from the nickname of New York, but in the same time it challenges the shooters, can you shoot the apple? Naturally the apple is painted in the most red XXFX glitter which gives a very cool effect live and on TV! And check out the shine in the apple, isn't it shaped as a Stealth plane!?

On the chin the Statue of Liberty logo is placed, watching the city! Together with the painted cage this delivers more color tones to the design, which is always important.

On the backplate some important details are painted. The Barbados flag, and a map of Barbados in the same colours as the flag. And also a Stealth plane comes flying in over the backplate. This technical miracle that Kevin is so fascinated by can also be seen on Kevin's previous masks.

The secret behind this design is all the details that together with the playing with the perspectives makes it a magic and very different design!"